What boat do you have?

My boat is an Ecume de Mer. She is a french built from the Mallard shipyards. Her architect, JM. Finot designed two versions, one version from 69 and one from 73.
Mine is from 73, but still the 1st design, she is 26ft long, 1.2m draft, 1.4 tons dispacement.

Watch episode #24 for a tour of the boat:

For more information about this boat, you can check out this great website: http://amd.alio.free.fr/ukecumedemerFrame-1.htm

How do you do to sleep and sail?

It is not possible to stop the boat in the middle of the water.
To stop the boat, you need to be in a sheltered place, a protected bay, a marina. If you are on the open water, you need to keep sailing.
I have an autopilot, that keeps the boat on course (it’s following a bearing, based on the magnetic north).
While the boat is underway, I normally sleep per slices of 15/20 minutes. Then I wake up, check around me and if everything is ok and no boats are around, I go back to sleep for another 15min nap, and this as many nap as I need/can.

Look at episode #16 for more details about single handed sailing: