aka The Sailing Frenchman

In 2017, I spent 6 month disassembling and putting back together my 26ft sailing boat, Ann Ale. Since then, I’ve took it across the Atlantic and I spent two seasons there exploring the islands of the Carribean.
But before being a traveler, I’m a skipper, I sail for a living, and this takes me on big boats, touring the islands or on racing boats, fighting hard on the water to be faster.

In 2019, I got hired as first mate on one of the boats of the Clipper Round the World Race, so I started circumnavigating on a badass 70ft race boat. But covid 19 stopped the fun as we were half way across and 2nd overall in the Philippines.

But sailors have to adapt, and hereh I am, starting a new project on a new boat: race the Mini Transat in 2021, a single handed race across the Atlantic: find out more about the race here.

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