Clipper 70'

After my little Ann Alé, the Peugeot 205 of the seas, the next boat is definitely something different, it's the hummer 4x4 of the seas, the Clipper 70.

The Clipper 70's are part of a one design fleet own by the Clipper Round the World Race. They are strong 70ft fiberglass ocean going boats. They are built to bring amateur crew in some of the most extreme ocean of the planet. If they aren't incredibly fast, they are tough and extremely powerful if handled properly... or go wild if failure to do so.

21 meters, 40 tons, 28m mast, 330 square meters spinnakers, the Clipper 70's are powerfull beasts, find out more specs here.

They for sure can go fast, and are not afraid to face extreme weather conditions: