Kiraucassis - Mini Maxi 650

After racing a 70ft beast in the most remote parts of the world, time to tame another freak of the seas...

Let me introduce you KIRAUCASSIS.

She is a Maxi 650 from IDB Marine shipyards in France.

She is 6.5m (21ft) of raw power, built to cross oceans really (really) fast, single handedly.

On my first day test sailing her we would already reach 17+kts

 She is has a rounded bow, a design called "scow". Many say it's ugly, some love this... in my opinion, it makes her faster than the competition when reaching and downwind... that's all I'm asking for.

Find out more about the design in my vlog:

 The Mini 6.50 class is an incubator for innovation. Most of the technology and design concept you find today in the IMOCA class have first been tested (and crash tested) on a mini.
I chose to go for a scow, more powerfull and stable downwind, the Maxi 650, from IDB marine, see more specs here.