Mini Transat

The Mini Transat is the biggest offshore race on the smalled offshore going race boats.

The race starts every 2 years from France to race across the Atlantic (carribean or Brazil depending on the years) with a stopover in the Canary Islands.

  • Single handed
  • No assistance
  • No satellite communication, no chart plotter

The transat is the achievement of 2 years of preparation and many races are to be fought before it.

Part of the qualification process is what is called a "free qualification loop". Its a 1000nm loop around 3 marks (there is 2 loops, one in the Atlantic, one in the Med, depending of where you're based). You choose when you start and when, there is no time limit, as long as you don't stop and don't receive assistance to complete the loop.

The Mini 6.50 Class is divided in 2: the production boats and the prototypes.

  • some rules are common to all boats: 6.5m LOA max, 3m beam max, no communication etc...
  • but prototypes are allowed to have daggerboard, canting keels, ballasts,carbon mast....etc. The mast is a bit taller (11m instead of 10m for the production boats), the keel a bit lower (2m instead of 1,6m)...etc

My boat is a production boat, a Maxi 650, find out more about her here

The 2020 season is alread quite busy with 3 races scheduled, find out more about the race program here.